We emphasize the profoundly evangelical values of prayer, penance and zeal contained in the message of Our Lady of La Salette which calls us to conversion. We strive to live them ourselves so that, by the witness of our lives as well as  by our words, hearts may be opened to the Good News which it is our mission to make known to all.

'Rule of Life' of the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette

La Salette priests, sisters and brothers continue to care for the alienated and estranged by ministering to pilgrims at our shrines throughout the world, and serving the spiritual needs of people in retreat work, home and foreign missions, in parishes and schools, in youth ministry, counseling and teaching, as well as by serving as chaplains in hospitals and in the armed services. 

Wherever we minister, we want make Mary's message of reconciliation known to all people.

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